Season 4 Episode 1

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The new season has arrived!  After a time jump of one month, we finally learn the fate of Deacon and Beverly.  Juliette’s Biopic of Patsy Cline hits the silver screen (Although Noah West is nowhere to be seen) and things seem swimmingly well (at least to the public eye).  Bearded Will came out of the closet only to get right back in.  Is this poor boy going to find happiness?  Where did his Dad go?  Juliette is still unstable and she briefly reaches out to Rayna but denies it when Rayna flies cross-country to see her friend.  Avery and the baby are staying with his parents in Ohio and after an invite and serious consideration, he decides Nashville is where he needs to be.  Layla gets in the way. Is she being used by Jeff Fordham?  Do we really even care?  Scarlett has moved on with Dr. Caleb but fights off her feelings for Gunnar.  It is to a point where they need to record tracks separately.  Teddy is in jail and the girls are not handling it well.  Sweet Daphne gives some sass.  Rayna tries to cope with her Highway 65 business acumen.  Looks like we may be getting 3 men and a baby as Avery moves in with Will and Gunnar.


Songs:   Hymm For Her—Deacon

             Crazy——Juliette w/Steven Tyler

             Mississippi Flood-—–Juliette

             Wake Up When It’s Over—-Scarlett and Gunnar

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Season 4 Preview

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Season 4 is almost here!  Joe and Allison discuss what we think will happen this season on Allison’s favorite show “Nashville”.  Will Deacon survive the liver transplant?  Is Avery and Juliette finished?  Is Scarlett and Gunner going to rekindle their relationship?  What is in store for Will now that he has come out of the closet?  Is Layla as a season regular a good idea?  Will Teddy play “drop the soap”?

Find out the answer of all these burning questions!!  Spoiler alert!!



Music: Last Honest Man–Juliette

Anywhere from here–Daphne,Maddie & Beverly

I will never let you know–Scarlett & Gunner

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