#15 Season 4 Episode 7

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We discuss ‘Can’t Get Used to Losing You’.  In The aftermath of Jeff Fordham’s death, We see a Juliette that has absolutely no idea she danced on a ledge and caused Jeff to fall.  The police are involved and Luke quickly learns the truth from his son Colt who saw the whole thing (after finishing a bottle of booze).  Luke figures he needs to protect his son as well as his Lifestyle brand and wont say anything until he learns more.  Meanwhile, Deacon shows Rayna his new bar (Because all drunks have to have one).  She is lukewarm at best at this idea. Scarlet makes a decision to tour after cutting her hair.  The Exes need a sound engineer but will it be Erin?  Avery and Will bond over their losses. Juliette finally remembers and Luke gets her in rehab with Gabrielle’s help.  A heartbroken Layla gives a stunning tribute to Jeff after Juliette doesn’t.



Holding On to What I Can’t Hold On to—-Frankie Gray

Like New-—-Deacon

Too Far From You———–Layla


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#14 Season 4 Episode 6

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We discuss ‘Please Help Me I’m Fallin’.  This is one of those episodes that no matter what happened, fans are only going to talk about one thing–The demise of Jeff Fordham.  We will miss you, Jeff!  Our take is that this is one villain that is going to be quite hard for the show to replace. And who is going to be the new CEO of Wheeler Lifestyle Brands?

In other news, Deacon and Scarlet are still in Natchez boring us with more Beverly story.  Actually, they find out Bev had friends and while not a commercial success, she was successful in her own little bar performance every Sunday night.  Deacon makes a decision to buy in his AA Sponsor’s bar to honor his deceased sister.

Will decides he wants the limelight and Kevin helps him get a gig.  He is devastated when it seems that he can only sing to gays in the front row when he wants to sing to everybody. Kevin has had enough of Will’s melodrama.

Gunnar is a booty call.  Glen answers the door with wig on.  Avery deletes his wife’s contact number. Juliette Barnes.  Does he know more than one Juliette?

Rayna is talked into producing for Markus.  It does not go well at first but Maddie helps “unlock” it for him.

Colt gets drunk, goes to his balcony for a little fresh air and witnesses the Jeff thing.  Poor Layla. That girl is never happy for too long.



Run with me—Will Lexington

In the Name of Your Love—-Markus Keen

Curtain Call——–Scarlet with ghost Beverly


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