#20 Season 4 Episode 12

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We discuss ” How does it Feel To Be Free”.  We did not enjoy this episode (although this podcast is exceptional).  We get introduced to Vita, an ex-felon that can sing.  Avery and Layla pair up for business.  Luke is lonely but meets an old friend and invites him to go on tour.  Maddie gives Colt a piece of her mind after a collaboration with Cash.  Gunnar breaks up with Erin.  Scarlet is there for support.  Will has a run-in with a big Redneck that can throw a bottle and still be let back into the same club.  Avery finally can come clean about Juliette.  PLEASE HAYDEN–SAVE THIS SHOW!!



Down The Line—Vita


Swept Away–Maddie & Cash


Aint It Beautiful— Will

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#19 Season 4 Episode 11

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We are back with another episode. It’s been so long!!  Anyway, we discuss what this episode is all about; Rayna & Deacon,  Deacon & Rayna.  Will these folks ever find happiness together?  Well, dare I say for an episode-YES.  However, first you have to get through moody daughters, hating sisters, self doubt and paparazzi.  We get all that!  

In a lessor note, we also find out that Will has been labeled by Wade Cole as being difficult to sleep work with.  Thanks for your 10 second screen time, Will.  

Gunnar and Scarlett are still in the friend zone.  Avery is forced to lie for Juliette who is still in rehab.  This causes Avery to have a full blown panic attack.

Layla comes back to attend the Wedding and promptly learns from Colt Wheeler the truth about Jeff Fordham’s death.  Me thinks we will see a very vindictive Layla from now on.

Anyway, problems aside, Deacon and Rayna exchange vows, kiss ,dance, and make love. ooooh Dreamy!!


All We Ever Wanted  –Maddie and Daphne

When the Right One Comes Along—-Scarlett & Gunnar

From Here On Out———-Deacon


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