#41 Season 5 Episode 11

We talk mid-season finale!  This appears to be the last episode of actually dealing with the death of Rayna Jaymes.  Thank Goodness!! We are all cried out!

In this episode– Hwy 65 has a meeting and it appears as if they really need a money maker. Unfortunately, Rayna’s last album is not finished. Deacon is a little aghast that Zach even suggests such a thing.  Meanwhile, Maddie gets attention from the talk show circuit due to her CMT Awards performance and Juliette agrees (insists) she can look after her while the rest of the family tries to normalize their life at home.  Deacon finds a suitcase full of old tapes and cds and tries to get through Rayna’s history with the help of her diary.  Maddie is a victim of “fake news” when her words get twisted. Juliette and Scarlet disagree on Maddies opportunities.  Deacon gets inspiration from Gene’s video.  Avery convinces everyone that they can help Deacon finish the record. Deacon with a little help finishes the last Rayna Jaymes record.  Zach likes what he gets.  Scarlett drops the pregnancy bomb on Gunnar.  Might not be yours.


Fire and Rain–James Taylor

Back Again—-Daphne & Maddie

You’re mine—Rayna & Friends

Can’t Remember Never Loving You—Rayna & Deacon 
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#40 Season 5 Episode 10

@CharlesEsten opens the show for us this week (No, Really!!!).  We talk about meeting Charles by the tour bus at the Florida Strawberry Festival.  Both Charles and Clare Bowen sounded great at the concert!  We hope they schedule a show a little further south next time.  Perfect Vodka Amphitheater anyone?

I’ll Fly Away deals with the aftermath of Rayna’s death starting with her funeral,  We see small glimpses of everyone and how they are coping.  Tandy is there, Teddy is on bereavement leave and he is there.  Pam Tillis is there.  Deacon is hit the hardest.  We find out Rayna had not named a guardianship for the girls and Highway 65.  Possible court battle?  Juliette gets a job to sing a tribute to Rayna at the CMA Awards.  She is not quite well yet.  Zach and Will have a date sort of.  Big night at the CMAs. Will sings, Juliette does not.  Its Maddie with help from Daphne and Deacon that carry the tribute.  Rayna would be proud!!!  No court battle necessary. Tears galore!!!


I’ll Fly Away—-Jars of Clay (couldn’t find Maddie’s version)

By Your Side—-Will Lexington

Sanctuary——-Maddie,Daphne and Deacon
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