#44 Season 5 Episode 14 & 15

NashvilleCMT needs to find its heart—STAT!!  We dive into the last 2 episodes.  As much as it pains us, this show has lost some major steam the second half of the season so far.  We could all do without the Scarlett drama at this point.  Maddie’s character continues to be uneven showing maturity at some points but making some really dumb decisions (getting arrested).  We do like the old Juliette making her appearance.  What is the deal with bringing in a new character no one cares about (George) to go with a boring character-Hallie. Ugh, It drives us mad!! Then they get rid of a character we actually like! (Clay) We have hope but this show has got to get better on several fronts!



Beautiful Dream–Maddie

When I look art the world—-Jessie Caine

Water Rising–Juliette

Wrong Kind of Right–Hallie

Love until It Hurts—Maddie & Daphne

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#43 Season 5 Episode 13

UGH!!! What are you doing Nashville?   We have no idea where you are going this second half of season 5.  Our synopsis.  Juliette is having trauma panic attacks not from her plane crash but because of her lousy childhood.  Avery gets an offer he may have to refuse.  Juliette lies to the church choir (she’ll burn in hell for that one–its a rule, isn’t it?)  Daphne gets mixed in the wrong crowd and invites one of then to her place.  Scarlett finally tells Damien the good news!!.  Zach wants to get rid of Bucky. 

Juliette flashes to her childhood.  Choir gets mad when they find out they were lied to. Juliette wants to make amends.  Deacon allows Daphne,s friend to stay temporarily.  Bucky quits Highway 65.   Nooooooooooo!!!



Run with Me—Avery

The Hell of It Is—-Exes

On my Way—Juliette & Choir

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