#21 Season 4 episode 13

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If I could do It All Again

Deacon and Frankie do not see eye to eye when it comes to Vita Martin. Scarlett and Gunnar agree on their first single, but Scarlett is concerned when the song chosen is pretty much all her. Avery meets a single playground Mom and scores a date.  True to Avery’s character, he mucks it up when he spends the entire date talking about Juliette.  Layla will be happy. Will gets an offer to record with a gay label.  Maddie and Cash continue to bond and both Daphne and Colt get kicked to the curb.  Vita is a thief after all with a backstory.  Rayna pulls her offer as the risk outweighs the reward.  Riff gets things together after a rocky start and performs at the Beverly.  Frankie, while right about Vita, has trouble dealing with being under-appreciated by Deacon and the Nashville Music scene. He turns to alcohol.  Rayna goes to see Vita and comes across a crime scene.


The Rubble——The Exes

This Old Guitar—-Vita Martin

If you Don’t Mean Business—–Cash

Both Hands On The Wheel—–Riff Bell

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