#25 Season 4 Episode 17

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Baby Come Home is discussed on this weeks episode. Rayna and Deacon need Teddy’s help.  Juliette schemes to get Avery.  Layla is upset that Glenn doesn’t prioritize her career.  Luke takes to extreme measures to get Will radio air time.  Scarlett and Gunnar get stuck in an elevator. Rayna confronts Cash.  Deacon helps Daphne learn a song. Teddy comes clean to Maddie. Rayna convinces Maddie to think things through.  Scarlett and Gunnar hook up.  Avery and Layla hook up.  Juliette and baby Cadence spend an evening together but its not Avery.  Maddie is there for Daphne, but decides she is not coming home after all. Heartbreak all over the place.

Bonus:  We discuss our experience at Nashville On Tour at the Ruth Eckherd Hall in Clearwater, Florida.


One Place Too Long—Juliette Barnes

Caged Bird—-Layla Grant

Willing Heart – Maddie and Daphne

If I didn’t Know better—Scarlett and Gunnar

Hold On To Me—-Rayna Jaymes
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