#26 Season 4 Episode 18

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Wow! This might be the most heart wrenching episode of the season!!  Its all about court for Deacon and Rayna V. Maddie.  The wheels of justice are slow everywhere but Nashville as Maddie’s emancipation hearing begins.   Things look great until Maddie pulls out plan B (not that plan B).  Plan B involves using Deacons violent history obtained in the most deceitful way. ( I thought the “A” stood for anonymous.)

One thing leads to another and Deacon gets suckered into a fight with Frankie and he gets arrested.  If only he stayed at home.  Naturally case lost.

In other news, Avery chooses Layla over Juliette.  Scarlett and Gunnar’s happiness is short lived. Luke tries to help Will with poor results.


Spinning Revolver–Will Lexington

Peter Pan—Kelea Ballerini

The Rubble-–The Exes

Boomtown-–Juliette Barnes ft. Luke Wheeler
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