#36 Season 5 Episode 6

We get a little “pick me up” after the last episode.  Rayna and Deacon install a security system.  Juliette works out and meets Hallie.  Maddie thinks Rayna is a racist but she thinks Clay is too old for Maddie.  Avery sings, Juliette goes to church. Zach wants to buy Wheelin’ Dealin’ Records with Rayna.  Scarlett sees Damien and is amazed at the music video.  Daphne has a crush.  Maddie is scared of Clay but likes it.  Stalker bothers Daphne on the playground.  Luke agrees to sell.  Zach flirts with Will. Juliette wants to do a gospel album.  Gospel music galore.  Avery joins Juliette in church.  



Wont Back Down—–Avery

His eye is On The Sparrow—–Hallie

Sourwood Mountain—-Hallie

Wide Open–Luke Wheeler

Can’t Nobody Do Me Like Jesus—Hallie 


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