#56 Season 6 Episode 4

Another episode that took a second watch to fully enjoy.  Before listening to this Podcast, make sure you bid on our show T-Shirt signed by Charles Esten at Ebay. 100% proceeds go to NEABPD.

Cliff notes—The boys don’t believe they are in sync (see what I did there?). Avery is put off when Juliette mentions something she read as inspiration.  Scarlett goes to Equine therapy and meets lady who treated Tom Cruise like crap in ‘Cocktail’.  Before long Scarlett ends up cleaning the stables. She saves the nephew of the boss lady and now gets to ride. The boys argue over songs and lyrics.  Juliette goes to the “church” and relives her past.  Daphne gets into trouble with Jake at school.  The boys have a breakthrough and decide to have fun.  Juliette has a breakthrough remembering that she was a victim of sexual abuse as a child. 


My Arms—–Will, Gunnar, Avery

Wandering Roads—-Hallie and Deacon

Tearin Up My Heart —–Will, Gunnar, Avery

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2 thoughts on “#56 Season 6 Episode 4”

  1. Jessie’s back story was covered some in the episode where she sang at the Bluebird and at the auction for Fostermore last season. It was basically about being a bad mom. At least that is what has been explained so far.

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