#50 Season 5 Episode 21

Wow!! The show knocked our socks off this week!!.  Plenty of good music and tension.  We actually got to hear Rachel Bilson sing!!.  

Deacon gets a text and he is wanted by the Opry to perform in the round as a solo artist. He tells everyone about trying to decide but ultimately its Jessie that convinces him to do it.  Maddie gets a branding gig with Mascara 24. After much difficulty getting the director to be happy with her performance, she gets the bomb dropped on her that they want her to change the lyrics to include the name of the mascara.  All hell breaks loose and Deacon is told by Zach to get his daughter in line or he will leave the company taking his money with him.  Deacon meets with Highway 65 talent (except for Juliette and Hallie-remember her?)  It is decided that this  branding thing is overrated and not what Rayna had in mind for the company.  Zach is PO’d.  Jessie helps Deacon get a much deserved hour of rest before he kills it on stage at the Opry.

In other news, Avery and Juliette have their issues which is made slightly worse by the no bra wearin’ tour manager.  (it’s cold on the tour bus). Nothing happens but things are still up in the air.



You Don’t know Me—Alyssa Green

Rose & Thorn——Avery

Everyone’s Looking For Home—Sam Outlaw

Without You—-Deacon

Simple as That–Deacon

Good Rain or Jesus—Deacon

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#49 Season 5 Episode 20

Quite frankly, this episode didn’t really do it for us.  We question with 3 episodes left in the season, why give us what felt like a “filler” episode?  We did like that it was a Gunnar centric episode since both he and Will have been absent much of the season. 

Maddie gets nominated for an AMA (against Katy Perry & Juliette Barnes).  Gunnar goes to his hometown to see the grandmother that raised him.  Deacon helps Jessie with a song.  Scarlett takes a self-defense class.  Brad is still an A-hole.  Gunnar has flashbacks about his parents dying, brother running away, and Grandma Dearest!  Maddie gives Juliette shade.  



Coat of Pain—–Jessie Caine

In the End——Gunnar Scott


A Long and Happy Life—Delta Rae

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