Season 1 Episode 7

nashvillerewind 300x169‘Lovesick Blues’ is discussed.

Rayna continues to get pressure from the label to release her greatest hits album. While Juliette’s ratings are improving, her beau’s is not.  Does anyone remember Tony Romo/ Jessica Simpson?  Avery gets his name in lights but is that what he really wants? Scarlett cries AGAIN (and gets drunk).  Teddy has a decision to make about his mayoral election and Lamar makes it for him.  Edgehill Records 25th Anniversary show is coming up and both Rayna and Juliette are told they need to close the show TOGETHER.  This does not sit well with both parties but they eventually turn a negative into a positive and write a song together since they can’t agree on what to sing. Marshall Evans sees dollar signs after a very exciting performance.

Featured music:

Pappa writes to Johnny–Deacon

Ring of Fire  – Scarlett

Wrong Song – Rayna & Juliette

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