Season 4 Episode 2

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Rayna decides she needs to concentrate on her vanity label.  Juliette spends some quality time at home with the family- If by quality time you mean get some publicity and leave at the first sign of a full diaper. Will is invited “out” to a launch party and it becomes clear to Luke that Country Music does not accept gay male artists.  The Conrad sisters perform at a talent show.  Scarlett and Gunnar do a photo shoot and get photo-shopped.  Beverly tries to redeem herself which means something horrible will probably happen to her.  Deacon finally gets away from the hospital after feeling very guilty.  Layla performs at the Bluebird (where else?).  Glenn makes a return to the small screen.  Rayna signs a new artist.  Beverly strokes out.


Music:  Rockin and Rollin–The Conrad Sisters

           What if its you?—Juliette Barnes

            Makes No Sense–Layla

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